"We had previously used Busway Systems from all major suppliers from around the world, after using Vass who demonstrated detailed product knowledge and willingness to work us and importantly kept their promises – we will now not use anyone else."

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Vass Busways give retail centres a competitive advantage

To run a shopping centre or retail precinct - and keep tenants and visitors happy - you need reliable, adaptable and cost-effective electrical power distribution.

The Vass S-Series ELECTROBAR Busway System gives you and your store owner’s big benefits over cable and conduit systems that can lead to ongoing expenses, problems and downtime.

Install and change faster

  • Your complete Busway Systems run can be installed overhead or underfloor in 30 - 40% less time than a standard cable design.
  • No messy, confusing cables around the shopping centre or stores means repairs, upgrades and adding circuits are fast, simple and cheap.
  • Far less, if any, disruption to other tenants and customers when upgrading/modifying a tenant.

Save money, time and space to boost ROI

  • No distribution boards taking up room in the shopping centre so you save floor space and money.
  • If one area requires work, you don’t need to switch off power to the entire shopping centre.
  • Maintenance and upgrades can be carried out at any time without disruptions.
  • Previously used Take Off Boxes are not discarded, they become an asset that can be continually re-used time and time again.
  • You can always start with a few lengths of Busway and add more as required or with extra cashflow.
  • Keep track of electricity use and gauge future power needs with Power and Energy meters.

Electrical power made easy and flexible

  • Staff can change and move power source Take-Off-Boxes in the ceiling space without affecting other tenants, the retail centre or other shoppers - or calling in the electrician.
  • No need to chase and replace/add cables, or lift roofing tiles and create damage or mess.
  • Plug-in outlets every 150mm mean you can move or add electrical equipment, displays, fridges, etc anywhere without installing extra power points.
  • Single and three phase power is available at every Plug-In point along the Busway.

It's a business asset

  • If you relocate any of your tenancies, the Busway system can come with you. So you avoid expensive cabling installations at your new premises.
  • As a landlord, you can reconfigure the entire retail precinct with minimal cost, time and effort for an existing or new client.

Your staff and tenants are safer

  • Cutting down cabling use reduces risks and shows you are meeting OH&S requirements.
  • Busway runs protect power against water and mechanical damage that often happens to exposed cables and terminations.
  • Earth leakage is supplied at point of use (Take Off Box) providing unprecedented safety to users.

It's environmentally better

  • Far lower noise emissions, distortion and harmonics than cables
  • More efficient due to better air circulation and less overheating, dust and dirt build up
  • No PVC or environmentally harmful products used and up to 25% less copper.

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